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Schedule for The Southport School Australian Junior Chess Championships 2020. Tuesday 21st January changed on 20th November to include extra events and time tweaks.

 U18 and U16 OpenU14 and U12 OpenU10 and U8 OpenU18 and U16 GirlsU14 and U12 GirlsU10 and U8 Girls
Sat 18 Jan10.00am welcome10am welcome
11.00am Round 111.00am Round 1
1.30pm Round 2
4.00pm Round 3
Sun 19 Jan10.00am Round 210.00am Round 4
3.30pm Round 312.30pm Round 5
3.00pm Round 6
Mon 20 Jan10.00am Round 410.00am Round 7
12.30pm Round 8
3.00pm Round 9
5.30pm Playoffs
6.30pm Presentations
Tues 21 Jan9.00am - 11.00pm: FunMasterMike Simul
11.30am - 1.30pm: Problem Solving
1.45pm - 2.45pm: FunMasterMike Lecture - Kids (parents welcome)
3.00pm: Blitz
3.00pm: FunMasterMike Lecture - Parents and Coaches
Wed 22 Jan11.00am Round 510.00am Welcome10.00am Welcome10.00am Welcome
11.00am Round 111.00am Round 111.00am Round 1
3.00pm Round 23.00pm Round 23.00pm Round 2
Thur 23 Jan2.00pm Round 610.00am Round 310.00am Round 310.00am Round 3
2.00pm Round 42.00pm Round 42.00pm Round 4
Fri 24 Jan2.00pm Round 710.00am Round 510.00am Round 510.00am Round 510.00am Welcome
2.00pm Round 62.00pm Round 62.00pm Round 611.00am Round 1
1.30pm Round 2
4.00pm Round 3
Sat 25 Jan2.00pm Round 810.00am Round 710.00am Round 710.00am Round 710.00am Round 4
2.00pm Round 82.00pm Round 82.00pm Round 812.30pm Round 5
3.00pm Round 6
Sun 26 Jan10.00am Round 910.00am Round 910.00am Round 910.00am Round 910.00am Round 7
2.00pm Playoffs2.00pm Playoffs2.00pm Playoffs2.00pm Playoffs12.30pm Round 8
4.00pm Presentations4.00pm Presentations4.00pm Presentations4.00pm Presentations3.00pm Playoffs
4.00pm Presentations