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Here we try to cover some of the common questions that you may have.

  • Who can play in the tournament?
    • The tournament is open to all Australian citizens and permanent residents, born in 2002 or later. Players not meeting this criteria may be allowed to play pending acceptance from the organisers.
  • What Division is my child eligible for?
    • Players must be in the age category for which they are entering. For example, to enter the Under 12 tournament, the player must be born on 1 January 2008 or later.
  • Does my child have to record the moves during the game?
    • Yes, it is a requirement of the laws of chess that a player record their moves as well as their opponents. For games with increment of 10 seconds per move added (under 8 and 10), players may stop recording if they go under 5 minutes. All other divisions must continue recording their moves due to the 30 second increment.
  • Can my child play in more than one event?
    • If the tournament schedule allows, of course! Some very common combinations will be Open Under 8 or 10 with the Under 12 tournament. Another will be the Open Under 8 or 10 event, with the corresponding Girls event.
  • How does the Problem Solving Event work?
    • Have a look at the problem solving sheet from 2017 to get an idea of how problem solving works. AJCCPS 2017